License renewal of tourist facilities electronically only

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said on Wednesday that the renewal of the licensing of tourist activities will be through the electronic licensing system only. The ministry said in a press statement that the owner of the facility can renew the license without reviewing the ministry and the concerned parties such as (Social Security - Companies Control - Tourism Promotion Authority - Civil Status). The system allows the use of e-payment to the Ministry and to the competent society, through the system of "any bills," as the work of electronic services is to facilitate the owners of tourist facilities and shorten the time and effort and to avoid the penalties resulting from the expiration of the license. The Ministry pointed out that the electronic system includes the request to connect the license to any site in Jordan through the Jordanian post. The ministry called on the owners of tourist establishments to benefit from the services of the electronic system provided by the ministry through the licensing system available on the Ministry's website at